Youth unemployment in East London tackled by the Princes Trust

Young people from the east end of London have attended an event organised by the Princes Trust Charity, headed by Prince Charles, held in order to tackle youth unemployment in the area. The event, called “What’s Stopping You?” was held at the charity’s head office and is seeking to find a solution to this problem.
23 year of Chelsea Murray Clarke is a graduate who hails from Tower Hamlets and despite applying for hundreds of jobs she has yet to get even an interview. Chelsea is taking part in the Prince’s Trust Team programme which runs for 12 weeks and gives advice to young people on writing CV’s, interview techniques and offers other support to those seeking work.
Chelsea said it was great to meet both people and councillors from the community and know that they are taking notice of the hurdles facing the young people from east London who are trying to find work. Over 1 in 4 young people from Newham are struggling to find employment, 27% of the population, while 21% are in the same predicament in Tower Hamlets, according to the latest national statistics.
21 year old Afsana Benozir is from Tower Hamlets and after leaving school was unemployed for almost 3 years. She said that she lost all her self confidence and felt as if all her hopes for the future were evaporating. Afsana went onto say that thanks to the support she has received from the Princes Trust she can now study medicine and work towards her goal of becoming a doctor.
Dermot Finch is a director of the Princes Trust and has said that the youth unemployment statistics in east London are very worrying, and the young people who live there deserve all the support they can get in order to gain employment.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download