Urban Orchard Cider launches the #AppleDonor project

From a small press in East London’s Forest Gate, Urban Orchard are revolutionising the way cider is made.
By blending unwanted, city apples with the finest country
crops, the British cider-makers are able to create a craft cider that not only tastes great, but that helps to combat food wastage, encourages community involvement and supports local sustainability drives.
How does it work?
Whether donating 1 bag or 1 tonne, donors are given cider or cash in return for their apples – simple!
Individual Donors: Individuals can exchange any amount of apples directly for cider at the Urban Orchard Ciderhouse. 10% of the apples weight is offered in cider – for example, 10kgs of apples gets the donor 1 litre of cider.
Inspired by the Fairtrade Foundation and it’s business model, local gardening groups, community organisations or social enterprises are rewarded with a premium price for their unwanted apples. 20% above the market rate will be offered, providing cash to communities and helping to facilitate the development of urban projects and community initiatives.
In response to the generosity of donors and keen to give back to communities, Urban Orchard regularly use profit to plant new orchards; most recently a 33-tree area at the City Farm in Mudchute, London.

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Individuals wanting to become an Apple Donor can donate
their unwanted apples throughout the week – opening times vary so potential donors are asked to check the website for details before visiting.
Community groups, allotment associations, city farms and pubs are also invited to become Apple Donor Stations – a place where likeminded locals can collectively donate apples in return for cash towards their projects.
Urban Orchard Cider can also be enjoyed across the UK without the need to pick any apples! Draught and bottled cider can be found at a large number of specialist bottle
shops and a number of bars and restaurants such as Gordon Ramsey, Social Eating House, The ACE Hotel and Honest Burger.
The Urban Orchard Ciderhouse in Forest gate, East London is open Fridays 4-11pm and Saturdays 12-10pm for craft beers, cider and freshly made pizzas. For a full range of stockists, visit www.urbanorchard.london