This Summer in London Turn a Stranger into a Friend

August 3rd is the date to put in your diary for International Friends Day which is a day you can also celebrate, the social club Thinkingbob is encouraging all Londoners to join them.

Thinkingbob is a social club which tries to connect like-minded individuals through innovative events. The social club intends to host a varied range of very special events which are designed to encourage the people of London to connect with each other. They believe that by connecting Londoners can try something fun, new or different, and make some new great friends at the same time.
Thinkingbob is a truly unique experience, bringing people together to take part in a range of unusual, adventurous, or just downright fun socials.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download
Founder Rebecca Gregory said, “From murder mystery nights, to game-show quizzes, philosophy supper clubs to treasure hunt street games, our aim is to provide socials across London which will enable people to meet in a relaxed and friendly environment. We host a wide range of socials which appeal to many different people, but generally our members like to mix booze with brains!”
Launched in May 2013, there are now over 2,000 subscribers to the Thinkingbob website, known as ‘Bobbers’, who can socialise via a members’ only forum. Members can build up their own small communities within Thinkingbob using the unique friending system, which gives them the tools to create their own social circle. Members also have access to regular events which are held throughout London. All the events are created or hand-picked by a team to ensure that they fit in with the ethos of the company and perhaps most importantly, with the interests of subscribers.
Ms Gregory added, “We’re putting the community spirit back into big cities and many of our Bobbers have gone on to make great new friends. Although we’re not a dating site, some have even found love, because the socials feel much more natural than conventional dating sites, and people get together to do something fun, without an agenda.”
The team at Thinkingbob pride themselves on having met all their members, and they encourage first timers to attend one of their signature events, so that they can check it’s really for them. Once a fully-fledged member, Bobbers can attend as many signature socials as they want, as well as socials which have been organised by other members, and if they are really keen to get stuck into their new social life, they can host a social themselves.
For more information and to join in the fun visit the Thinkingbob website