Shoreditch eco-friendly online transport IT recycling initiative

Carbon Voyage has launched a new service available for the ‘Tech City’ firms. The Shoreditch eco-friendly online transport started a new IT recycling initiative that will be available for free to the Tech City located in East London. In order to promote the new recycling project Carbon Voyage teamed up with RDC given the fact that the Computacenter Group is concerned with promoting sustainability in the Silicon Valley of London. Proceeds from the new recycling service will all go to support The Prince’s Trust that helps unemployed youngsters find jobs.

Over the last few years the Tech City has grown rapidly and the City of London believes that the area is now home to over three thousand firms. Most of the firms are SMEs but they are part of a wider network of a growing ICT sector that is expected to have a large carbon footprint that make up over two percent of the CO2 emissions.

IT equipment and computers are one of the largest waste producers and they must properly be disposed aligned with the regulations outlined in the European WEEE directive. The aim of the directive is to reduce the amount of electronic or electrical equipment that is produced.

Companies that utilize the Tech City IT recycling scheme will be able to have their outdated equipment picked up for free for recycling and will even be paid a small fee for the equipment. They are then given the option to donate the proceeds of the donation to

The Prince’s Trust. In order to minimize the amount of CO2 that is produced during the pick-up service, collections are picked up via green vehicles that will then take the IT equipment over to an Essex recycling centre. All logistics are managed via the Carbon Voyage marketplace.