Last Minute Valentine’s Chocolates

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Unless you have a lavish, well planned surprised in the works you may be wondering what makes a great last minute Valentine’s Day gift.

One of the most classic ‘I love you’ gifts is chocolate, and thankfully it can be purchased last-minute. For ideas we turned to Godiva UK, where you can find a range of options to buy online or in one of their indulgently delicious shops.

Classic Last Minute Chocolates

The classic Valentine’s Chocolate gift is a box of chocolates. Go for something with pizzazz; a box that screams love and lavish pampering.

Many chocolatiers make special collections just for this day. Among other gifts Godiva offers a signature ‘You have my heart’ chocolate box with limited edition ganache fondants with chocolate in flavours like Vanille de Tahiti, Caramel Orange and Perle Amande Lait. The box alone is enough to make anyone swoon!

Valentine’s Chocolates with a Special Gift

There is also the option of combining your Valentine’s Chocolate Gift with a soft toy. You cannot go wrong with the combination of a plush bear and box of chocolates; even if you are not normally the most romantic of partners this gift lets you show your softer side.

You can also create your own combination of chocolates with a soft toy- pick up your choice of gourmet Valentine’s chocolates in a bag, pouch or box and then shop for the perfect animal to go with it. Your only limit is your own creativity- a fun giraffe or tiger might really make your sweetheart’s day!

Lavish Chocolate Hampers

Perhaps you want to shower your love in a bevy of chocolate delights, or you just can’t decide which chocolates to buy. A chocolate hamper covers all the bases, offering a range of chocolates in their different forms. Your Valentine will be able to savour the treats as he or she pleases, creating a gift that really keeps on giving.

Visit a Chocolate Shop

Many chocolate gifts can be purchased online, which is great for sending something directly to your sweetheart. Check the shipping terms and conditions to see if you can still take advantage of last minute delivery options.

If you’ll be presenting your gift in person you also have the option of visiting a chocolate shop. There’s nothing quite like choosing from a case filled with elegant delights to help you choose the perfect last minute Valentine’s chocolates.

The staff in Godiva’s UK chocolate shops are well versed in everything there is to offer, and can help you decide on the appropriate option for your special someone. And for the truly indecisive, there is always a gift voucher. -Once in the shop you may just find yourself enjoying a Chocolixir or another chocolate treat for yourself- all in the spirit of giving, of course.

Part of the appeal of chocolate as a last minute Valentine’s gift is that it is inherently last minute; as a perishable gourmet luxury it simply cannot be obtained too far in advance. Choose chocolate for Valentine’s Day and you can shop right up until the very morning of this romantic occasion.