London has worst hotels in Europe according to the reviews

London tourists often leave their hotel disappointed. According to a new survey from the hotel booking site, hotels in the British capital have received, on average, the worst customer reviews among 30 top European destinations over the past two years.

The survey is based on hotel reviews awarded on the Expedia platform by customers after their hotel stay. Specifically it takes into consideration the question of whether guests would or would not recommend their hotel to other clients. For the various destinations, all reviews of 3- and 4-star hotels over the past 24 months were considered.

Over that timeframe, in London 19% of the reviews for 3-star hotels have been negative, the worst rating among all 30 destinations. London also ranked near the bottom of the survey for 4-star hotels with 12% negative reviews. Only the French cities of Paris (13%) and Nice (16%) performed even worse.

The best destination, according to the survey, is Berlin, where only 6% of the 3-star hotel reviews and 5% of the 4-star hotel reviews have been negative. Prague (7% / 5%) and Budapest (8% / 5%) also did very well.

Among the other UK destinations covered, Liverpool (8% / 6%) ranked very well as did Cardiff and Belfast (both 8% / 7%). These percentages positioned them among the top European destinations. Meanwhile, Edinburgh ranked in the middle of the field whereas Manchester came in at lower end.

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