High rise developers the target of preservation campaigners

Developers who have been erecting tower blocks of up to 12 storeys have started receiving objectives from campaigners who want to preserve the Victorian character of the London’s East End that is characterized by conservative structures and architecture. Some developers want to develop a complex of 230 flats just behind the Cambridge Health railway station at the Liverpool Street network where they will have to demolish a commercial estate.
The building plans that have been lodged with Tower Hamlets Council involves pulling down the now derelict Duke of Cambridge pub that is located just next to the brick railway arches just behind the Hackney Road. This has received criticism from the recently established East End Preservation Society that was launched in November by Dan Cruickshank, the TV historian.
The East End Preservation Society recently signed a letter in conjunction with the Victorian Society, Save Britain’s Heritage and four other conservation groups within Spitalfields and Hackney recommending that the authority should decline the building plans. The society’s spokesman said that such proposals are destructive and over scaled with little regard to the sensitive matter relating to the conservation of the area.
Despite the developers claiming that this will be a family housing development, only a few of the units will be more than two bedrooms. It is in fact way over the recommended threshold of what the council considers as affordable housing. The society added that this development will see the Duke of Cambridge pub crudely redeveloped and even have some adjacent commercial buildings damaged acheter viagra en ligne.
Planning for Real carried out a public consultation last month after being hired by Heath Holdings property developers. However, Heath Holdings didn’t give an official statement on the matter. The expected development is scheduled to offer great value to people. It will be a car free zone; with spots for the disabled and 250 parking spots for cycles. Those of the contrary opinion say that the development will encroach towards the Hackney Road Conservation Area. They want the Duke of Cambridge restored to spectacular beauty it had in the 19th century due to its unique Dutch gable.