Exclusive New Original Drama by The Wireless Theatre Company Lifts Lid on London Bicycle Couriers

The harrowing world of our capital’s cyclists is shot live in London – The award-winning Wireless Theatre Company this week presents – Courier a gritty, unique insight into the London courier cyclist.
Penned & performed by George Maddocks, Courier sets out to challenge many preconceptions London motorists have about their cycling counterparts. The original, utterly gripping audio play features ‘David’ who works as a cycle courier in London, living on his nerves, earning a living one day at a time. Under this everyday pressure, his girlfriend has just left him and ‘David’ is now fraying at the edges. Aggression and fear start to cloud his judgement in a daily environment where death is only one single mistake away.

Courier was recorded and filmed live on the 10thMarch, inviting listeners to follow David’s journey as it happens through London’s real-life congested jungle of city streets exclusively online at The Wireless Theatre Company.
Mariele Runacre-Temple, Founder of The Wireless Theatre Company said, “We commissioned this play to highlight how London’s streets are becoming ever more dangerous and expose the reality that fatalities are now simply commonplace with SIX cyclists killed in London in January this year alone and many more injured.”
The drama was filmed amongst growing concern for cyclist safety by both the City of London and the AA. Mayor Boris Johnson has announced a new campaign to make some of the city’s most dangerous junctions more cyclist friendly following a spate of deaths. On the back of its national Think Bike awareness campaign launched last week, the AA revealed details of a poll it carried out that found that 55% of motorists were often surprised by cyclists on the road.watch The Ridiculous 6 2015 movie now
Described as an enthralling, original drama, it’s hoped that Courier – which is accompanied by a YouTube video – will encourage motorists to be more aware of cyclists and shed more light on the often misunderstood plight of London’s army of bicycle couriers.