East London to get extended cycle superhighway

Cyclists in East London are about to get safer routes for travel as part of a new Transport for London (TfL) plan that will extend one of the ‘cycle superhighways’ of the city by about two miles. TfL announced that they will hold a public consultation to see if it is viable to stretch the Barclays Cycle Superhighway 2 farther into east London.

At the moment the Barclays superhighway runs into Bow from Aldgate and the TfL would like the cycle path to extend into Newham from Stratford. According to TfL, the extension would allow the cycle superhighway to reach into Stratford and would offer ten new junction upgrades as some bus stop redesigns so that cyclists are able to pass large buses safely.

In addition, the TfL believes that if the highway is extended more cyclists will take to the roads of London. Figures from the TfL show that cycle journeys along the existing section of the highway increased by about 28% between the months of September 2010 and June of this past year. In fact, during this period the amount of cyclists on the Bow Road section increased by almost double.

Director of Planning for TfL’s surface transport team, Ben Plowden, stated that extending the highway to Stratford will help offer cyclists a safer and more accessible way to travel throughout London. He added that they want to make sure that Newham residents come speak up at consultation meetings to talk about what they feel will make the route safer and more accessible.

At the moment there are four cycle superhighways spread throughout London and the TfL is consulting on building a fifth one. By the year 2015 the organization hopes to have created 12 more cycle superhighways that are all part of green transport solutions for the city.