London Eye and the river Thames

East London based FloatSki enabling people to walk on water

The phenomenon of walking on water, for some, might seem like an impossibility, but fledgling company Floatski have used a mixture of cutting-edge engineering and serious creative thinking to make the unthinkable a reality! For anyone looking for an exciting and energetic new challenge, Floatski is the latest outdoor activity to hit the capital.

Manufactured using the same technology used on surfboards and SUP, with all the mechanical parts made from composites (technology borrowed from aerospace industry, eg. Boeing’s Dreamliner). Floatski is essentially a set of sturdy, streamlined floating skis, which allow users the chance to cruise across the surface of the water at their own speed. Floatskis also comes with an easy-to-use steering paddle, allowing users the chance to change direction seamlessly.

The Floatski design has been fully tested and has proven highly stable and effective as a means of travelling across the water. The technique involved is similar to that needed to walk on traditional skis, but the experience is far more relaxing and smooth. Although riders need a moderate level of core fitness in order to maintain balance and to keep the skis level, the Floatski is easy to use.

Floatski launched their first ever event on the lake at Hyde Park during last summer season and were thrilled by the positive response they got from riders and spectators. After seeing their hard work come to fruition, with such promising feedback, the team have become ever more determined for their company to expand.

Their next step in conquering the mass market is to create a fixed venue where Floatskis can be hired by members of the public. Of course, such a big step requires funding and as a result, Floatski are looking to raise their funds through a crowdfunding project, something which they are due to set up imminently.