¾ of crimes in East London go unsolved

A recent report form the London Assembly claimed that three out of every four crimes committed in East London went unsolved. This shocking statistic effectively implies that only ¼ of all crimes are being solved by the place. Labour MP John Biggs has entered the foray by saying more criminals than ever are getting away with their crimes and in Tower Hamlets alone in 2012 there were nearly 22,000 crimes went unsolved.
Mr Biggs when onto say it was shocking that the unsolved crimes within the Tower Hamlets area had risen so much since 2010 and he also lambasted the Mayor of London for talking about reported crime numbers dropping, but failing to mention that the number of crimes being solved has plummeted. With the latest statistics from the Home Office revealing that only 25% of Tower Hamlets crimes were being solved, Mr Briggs wasn’t mixing his words.
He said that instead of setting the standard as it should be, London was actually trailing the rest of the UK where crime was concerned. He added that Boris Johnson kept talking about getting more police on the beat but it simply wasn’t happening and in Tower Hamlets the number of bobbies had been reduced by 16% and the number of community support officers but by more than 50%. Some police stations have withdrawn their front counter service and others, such as Bethnal Green, have reduced the hours of their service.
The unpleasant revelations come in the wake of the East End losing 129 police officers and a further 66 support officers in the last 3 years. Mr Biggs, who is a representative of East London at the City Hall, is now calling for an immediate halt to the cuts in police budgets. He claims that by further reducing the budgets fewer victims will be satisfied with the service they are receiving from the police and this is simply not acceptable.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download