Buy Time Live Life new lifestyle management and concierge service

Ever wished you could simply buy a little extra time to get all of your errands and daily tasks done – and still have a little ‘me-time’ left over? A brand new service from London is offering exactly that, just in time for the hectic festive season when schedules become overloaded and there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.
People often experience personal or professional guilt when asking friends, family members or employees to run tedious errands for them. Now, instead of asking your mum to pick up your dry cleaning or your PA to grab coffees for the whole office, you can rely on a professional to get the job done efficiently – as Buy Time Live Life lends a lifeline during the busy festive season.
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Buy Time Live Life is a dynamic new lifestyle management and concierge service that is helping to take a load off the minds of stressed-out individuals in the capital. The online service allows clients to quite literally buy a few hours of spare time by outsourcing some of their more time-consuming tasks to freelance experts. Whether they need someone to put up their Christmas tree or someone to plan their itinerary for an annual festive getaway, the service allows clients to put extra hours in their day by allowing someone else to take on their everyday chores and errands.
With Christmas just around the corner, many of London’s elite high-flyers in powerful jobs will be wondering how they’re going to juggle social events, work responsibilities and the multitude of gift-sourcing and shopping they’ll need to do for their loved ones. Stressed-out parents will be wondering how they’re going to do the grocery shopping and buy presents for their family members while securing that promotion at work and looking after their children. Buy Time Live Life allows them to offload their time-consuming responsibilities onto an expert – so whether the task is grocery shopping, wardrobe planning, gift-wrapping, Christmas tree installation or hotel reservations for the festive period, clients can kick back and relax, knowing some of their most arduous errands are completely taken care of.
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Michelle, Marketing Director for Buy Time Live Life says, “We’ve all contemplated how useful it would be to simply cash in and buy a few extra hours in a day – and now we’ve made it possible. By outsourcing simple concierge-style tasks to our team of freelance experts, our clients can experience a more balanced work and home life, as well as enjoying a little ‘me-time’ every now and then.”
She adds, “Christmas is traditionally one of the most hectic times of year – we all have parties to attend, increased workloads due to festive demand, family downtime to enjoy and a multitude of other obligations to fulfil. Buy Time Live Life allows clients to focus on these obligations without worrying about menial tasks like picking up their dry-cleaning or grabbing that last-minute gift for the office secretary.”
Buy Time Live Life operates on two levels, with pay-as-you-go or tailor-made memberships for clients. Those who simply want to navigate the festive season with as little stress as possible would benefit from a pay-as-you-go package, whereas those who want something a little more permanent can discuss a bespoke package with the in-house team.  Time can be purchased online for the ultimate convenience, making smaller and less detailed requests more efficient.
The service is ideal for parents rushed off their feet, busy professionals or even businesses going into the festive period with a to-do list taller than their high-rise building. Purchasing more time may seem like a lifesaver for these individuals, who would do anything to simply put their everyday chores to one side and spend quality time with their families over Christmas and New Year.
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