An Expense in The Life

Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head. Gotta snooze my alarm. That reminds me, I just bought a Kent comb, which means I won’t have enough money to go out for after-work drinks. Stupid me. I check my online banking. Where did it all go? It’s not even half way through the month and I’ve almost blown my entire pay.
It doesn’t matter, Lauren’s getting paid soon. Isn’t she? Did she say that? Or is that next week? You don’t know who Lauren is – Lauren is my wife. We both work full-time jobs, have no children and neither of us can figure out where all the money goes each month.
How many times did we eat out? I don’t think it could have been that many…. There was that fancy steak place the Jones’s suggested a couple of weeks ago. Wet-aged rump steak, terrific. Yeah, that set us back 300 quid.The Lego Batman Movie (2017)
I drink, but you know, I’m not looking for an Alcoholics Anonymous. Lauren loves a nice cuppa. So we always buy the nicest green tea she can find, usually from some specialty Chinese supermarket. But these aren’t the expenses keeping us awake at night. So where does our money go and how can we manage it better?
The list goes on and on
I’ve decided to make a list of all of our monthly expenses. Beans – marmalade – the tea – lads night out – Terry (He’s our Yorkshire Terrier) – Condoms. You know, the usual suspects. What I have realised is how the list seems never ending. And so much of it is total rubbish neither of us need. So maybe the solution is to stop buying stuff we don’t need.
When it rains it pours
Every month something major comes along to torment us. It’s like god wants to keep us to stay poor, eat bangers and mash and pasta and baked potatoes and never visit Thailand. Last month it was the car, some joker knocked off the bumper while we were in ASDA, innocently choosing ready meals from the reduced bin and buying whatever latest Blue Ray action-packed weekend entertainment that would keep us indoors and out of financial trouble. This month it’s the car again! Back breaks.
I wish there was an easier solution
Here’s where I’m going to risk sounding like a car salesman. I’ve now spent the day with my head down wondering what we should do differently and I’ve come up with an answer. Expense management software. It’s a mouthful, but if it helps us keep track of our money it’s worth it – because otherwise I’ll have to swallow my words. And now that we’re serious about getting our mobile curried sausages business off the ground, we know we’ll need to manage everything that goes out on that.
If we can predict next month’s money munchers we might have a chance at nipping them in the bud. I’m not saying we can’t do this on paper, but Lauren and I just don’t know what we’re doing. Give us software, give me a way to keep everything on my phone, that way I’ll have something nagging me to keep and calculate those daily receipts.