5 Little Things People Don’t Consider When Choosing Serviced Offices

There are plenty of guides on what you should be looking at when searching for office space. The contracts, the location, and the price are all aspects you have to take into account.

In this guide, we’re going to reveal some of the little things you should be looking at. Keep on reading to find out more

1.      The Acoustics

What does the room sound like?

Rooms that echo, for example, are liable to be distracting to staff members. They also kill any chances of having any sort of private conversation.

2.      Who Else is in the Building?

No business should have their competitors in the same building as them. The last thing you want are employees from the other company eavesdropping on your plans or pitching to your clients in the elevator.

Ask about the other companies in the building casually. Most landlords will be happy to tell you.

3.      Major Building Work

Send an enquiry about any major building work planned in the next few months. If you have to listen to power tools for the next six months, your new office space will not be a happy environment. Serviced offices will usually warn their tenants about this in advance.

4.      Trendy Neighborhoods

Check how trendy the neighborhood is. Staying in a trendy neighborhood can create a certain image for your company. If you’re in an area with a positive reputation, clients might choose your company on the virtue of that.

5.      Out-of-Hours Access

Most companies have no need to access their serviced offices outside of normal business hours. Even if this isn’t a regular occurrence for you, check it out anyway. Find out how easy it is to get into your office outside of the normal working day.